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Dog Communication Program

Dogs and people have 2 different communication systems. Your dog buddy do their best in learning to understand you. But just imagine how empowered you would feel if you could understand what your dog was thinking and feeling and what they are trying to communicate to you!

Having the knowledge and understanding of dog body language or as I like to call it 'dog lingo' is your dog’s passport in life. Our dogs are communicating to us all the time but you are just not listening, as you don’t understand their language. This 4-week program will bring you into your dog’s world to have a greater understanding of dog communication from head to tail.

Program Benefits:

  • Learn the emotions behind each of your dog's behaviours
  • Learn how to listen in on dog’s conversations with other dogs
  • Learn what is appropriate and not appropriate interaction between dogs
  • Learn the signs of dog's interactions with people
  • Learn how to effectively guide and navigate your dog with people and dogs

Program Details

Session 1 (Orientation):  Pet City Wishart

Sessions 2 - 4: Wishart

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