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Do you want to fast track your puppy training, or have the flexibility to choose your training times or location? Then private puppy training is the way to go! It can be more beneficial for you and your new puppy as training is tailored to meet you and your puppy's personal and individual needs. You get one on one attention for you and your family and training is provided in the comfort of your own home and surrounding outdoor areas once they are fully vaccinated. 

Your puppy will learn to settle, drop, respond to a name, come when called, walk comfortable on a lead and greet people politely. As a dog parent, you will learn a range of positive reinforcement training methods,  how to prevent, solve and redirect natural unwanted behaviours and gain a good understanding of canine communication and  body language, just to mention a few. 
Whether you choose to have private one on one training at home or a public park, you will see enormous benefits with our private puppy training sessions as all training is done in everyday real life situations. Keep in mind; before we can take your little puppy outdoors, they will also need to be fully vaccinated for their protection.

What you can expect from our dog training techniques…

Our private dog training in Brisbane is based on the principles of Reward Based Scientific Proven Training. This method has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective and innovative training techniques in the industry. 
Zigrid a qualified science base force free dog trainer, you can feel confident that you and your puppy are in the best hands.  Zigrid has extensive knowledge, practical experience and training success with a diverse range of breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, along with all the small fluffy slipper dogs. 

 Training is made easy, fun & rewarding to make your life easier
Puppy training should be fun and enjoyable as much as possible. At Its Not About The Dog, I like to make training super easy so it doesn’t feel like you are training your dog at all. 
All  puppy classes and private lessons are engaging and designed for you to become fluent in understanding K9 communication, which will bring you and your dog closer together.

In the Puppy Training

You will learn about the following:

  • Positive reinforcement training for success
  • 3 stages of training
  • An understanding of different positive training methods, and the best ones to use and when.
  • Bite inhibition
  • Toilet training
  • Handling for grooming/vet checks and cuddles
  • Preventing and solving natural unwanted behaviours e.g. jumping up, barking, Digging, biting/mouthing
  • How to create a positive and interesting daily environment for your puppy
  • The 4 basic needs of a puppy
  • How to trouble shoot problems
  • How to condition your puppy to respond to requests inside and outside of the home environment and under different levels of distraction
  • Canine communication and body language.
  • An opportunity to try out and fit different walking equipment on your puppy, which will allow you to purchase the correct equipment

Puppies will learn to:

  • Respond to name
  • Settle
  • Drop
  • Greeting people politely
  • Go to mat
  • Leave it
  • Stay
  • Come when called - on and off lead
  • Walk on lead nicely
  • Walking and greeting people and dogs politely on lead
  • Walk close by my side
  • No marker signal
  • Quiet (stop barking)


What's Included:

  • The first 2 weeks of training in the comfort of your own home in Brisbane
  • The last 2 sessions are held locally outside once they are fully vaccinated.
  • The first training session runs for 90mins followed by the remaining which are 60-75 mins each.
  • Training that only uses science evidence based training methods that reward positive behaviour. 
  • 6 complimentary puppy socials held on Thursday evenings or possibly some Saturday mornings.
  • 2 outdoor puppy group sessions held Sunday mornings
  • puppy training manual
  • Free 12 months access to INATD online puppy lifestyle program
  • Upon completion of the program you will receive complimentary phone assistance up until your pups 1st birthday just for that extra support if you feel you need it.
  • If for some reason you do want to brush up on what you’ve learnt, or you have fallen off the training wagon  I will give you a 25% discount for the rest of your pup’s life upon completion of the training! That’s right 25% off!

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Remember you and your K9 Buddy are our motivation!