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Single Lessons

Everyone has strengths and weakness, perfections and flaws – and the same goes for our beloved dogs! If you have a wonderful relationship with your dog, but have just one little thing you’d like to work on, we can help you out.  Remember, dogs only do what comes naturally to them. Unfortunately, this can be a bit annoying for you. We understand that, which is why we have developed these special singular lessons to focus on these unwanted behaviours, and make sure they stop in their tracks. Unwanted behaviours can be anything from digging to chewing, jumping up, barking and more. Perhaps you have a more...unique problem. Either way, it’s no problem for us to solve! Zigrid will come to your location of preference, showing you exactly how to address the issue, and showing your dog how to stop doing it. Together, you and Zigrid will ultimately turn this undesirable behaviour into a much more positive one.

What's included in a single lesson:

  • One on one training session for 90 minutes to address anything that you would like to work on.
  • All training notes
  • Follow up phone call 10 days after the session to check in how the training has helped you and your K9 buddy.

Please note: These lessons are not for reactive or dogs who display aggressive behaviour. These dogs would be best in a consultation or K9 calming program.

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Remember – you and your K9 buddy are our motivation!