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Dog Walking Program - Marshall's Way

If your current walks consist of your dog pulling on the lead, barking, moving to the left or right every few minutes and just being a very unenjoyable walk for you then this is the program for you.

A walk should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

The walk is exercise for you and your dog but also for your dog to explore and check out the local news by sniffing which not only provides them with mental stimulation it also has a calming effect on them.

The 4 week dog walk program:

Set in a class environment  with a max of 4 people.

First session is an orientation without dogs to discuss the theory of dog walking, to set you up for success.

Topics covered:
  • Natural behaviour of dogs
  • How dogs learn
  • Correct dog walking equipment.
  • Walking pace for different breeds of dogs
  • Different walking requests depending on the environment you’re walking your dog in.
  • Trouble shooting dog behaviour that may be undesirable
  • Walking your dog with distractions around
  • Dog body language
  • seeing the world from the dogs point of view
  • why dogs sniff

This training is not for aggressive or reactive dogs, we can accommodate these behaviours in a private training setting first.

Dogs must be suitable to be in a group setting, with other dogs.

Marshall's story - the importance of a good dog walk

Woof! Marshall here! I met Zigrid in July 2022 and she changed my life for the better. I graduated 3 consecutive puppy/dog training programs from another training provider before my puppy parents contacted Zigrid for help. See, they had followed all the training methods but I wasn't getting all my basic needs met as it wasn't taught to them, and they didn't understand this, so I was acting up from stress, anxiety and a cry for help!

Zigrid came over and listened to me, really listened! She helped communicate my needs to my puppy parents and teach them to read my body language, or as Zig calls it K9 lingo. Zigrid gave me some mental stimulation to enrich my home environment, which I was craving, and wasn't previously getting. Us dogs are smart, and without mental stimulation we put that energy into other outlets, for me it was barking at anything that moved or made noise in the garden. Well after a week of my mental stimulation needs being met I was much happier and less barky!

The second session with Zigrid was outside and I was excited to get an outing with Zigrid who I trusted to help me communicate my needs to my family. You see my previous training had not allowed me to stop and sniff while on a walk. My puppy parents were told when they were out walking, it was their walk NOT mine, and this made me anxious as my needs weren't being met and I was becoming reactive on lead. Once Zigrid explained to my puppy parents the importance of allowing me to sniff, explore and relax in an outdoor setting, I was a much more relaxed and tail wagging, happy pup and happy to walk calmly.

Zigrid made it high paw very clear to my puppy parents that allowing us dogs to sniff it is not a privilege its our god dam right, as us dogs see the world through our noses unlike humans you see the world through your eyes.

Our life sure has changed for me and my family, all my everyday needs are met and we have fun at home as well as on outings!  we are now truly connected.

This can be you today by signing up for Zigrid's dog walking training - Marshall's way!

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