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About Your Dog/Puppy Training Specialist Zigrid

Dog. Pup. Hound. Man’s best friend. Whatever you want to call them, they’re the only beings on Earth that love YOU unconditionally. It is with this in mind that “It’s Not About The Dog!” was born, previously known as “Ziggy’s TLC for a happy dog + healthy you”.

Dedicated and passionate dog-lover and behavioural dog training specialist, Phillips created “It’s Not About The Dog!” in Brisbane. After almost two decades of unwavering research, dedication and perseverance, Zigrid finally stumbled upon a different type of training method; one that changed the way she would deal with these beloved creatures forever.

You see, to Zigrid, it’s so much more than just “dog training”.

Zigrid believes that we should not teach dogs “what” to think, but rather “how” to think, which is why she has carefully crafted a technique that rewards dogs for a job well done, ultimately strengthening the relationship between dog and owner. Zigrid is the proud owner of two wonderful dogs herself, Darcy a Beagle and Boy a Kelpie x who are – her inspiration and reason for being.

Zigrid is commonly known as “The Voice For Dogs”. She has a natural ability to understand their feelings, thoughts and desires, and simply follows her intuition when it comes to demystifying their language. Zigrid’s revolutionary and unique dog training techniques are a direct reflection of her own style and personality - respectful, caring, loving, understanding and giving.

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Why get help from a training specialist

Dogs do so much for us without expecting anything in return. There is NO loyalty in existence that can compare to that of man’s (and woman’s) best friend, and we need to reward and thank them for this. We often just expect dogs to understand what we’re trying to tell them, but it’s not that simple. Communication is key, and patience is king. The best gift we can ever give our beloved furry family members is to learn his or her own language.

Zigrid likes to call it K9 lingo. It’s like anything in life. You can’t move to another country and expect to get by without knowing the language. Similarly, you can’t introduce a new member to the family without understanding THEIR language

Zigrid’s Motto: If a dog is calm it can if they can focus they can think. If they can think, they can learn. And if they can learn…you teach them. If you can achieve this, the whole family will live happily ever after!

Remember you and your K9 buddy are our motivation!

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