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K9 Parenting Programs

For a happy dog & healthy you

Welcome to It’s Not About The Dog!

Top Dog Training In Brisbane

So do you have a new puppy and would like to get things right from the start? Or a dog that's constantly barks or hassles you at dinner time? Or is your dog reactive and launches at nearby dogs? Well I am here to help.

I offer unique science evidence based methods in all my dog training, puppy preschool classes and private tuition in Wishart and all around Brisbane.  My dog training programs are specially designed to empower you as a K9 parent with the knowledge and the skills to fully understanding dog behaviour and communication, while coaching you to overcome any challenges that arise with your puppy or dog. 

Hassle free solutions to overcome behaviour concerns

If these worries are constantly plaguing the enjoyment you should be having with your puppy or dog, then I am here to help and expand your knowledge on these concerns and show you easily on how to overcome them.

Easy and fun training to give you peace of mind

I make training easy so that most of the time you do not feel like you are training your dog at all.

All  puppy classes and private lessons are engaging and designed for you to become fluent in understanding K9 communication which will bring you and your dog closer together.

Check out the programs then send us a call back request so that your personal friendly K9 coach Zigrid can call you to give you your free consultation and get you started.

Leading Dog  Training - Brisbane/hobart

Whether you’re after a professional dog trainer in Brisbane or a professional dog trainer in Hobart, It’s Not About The Dog offers the support tools you need to get your beloved puppy fully trained and ready to be a well mannered family member. From constant barking, reactivity issues to other extreme behaviours, our dog-training expert is ready to help you navigate the complex issues associated with pet parenting . 
Zigrid offers leading science evidence based methods across all  dog training, puppy preschool classes and private tuition across Brisbane and Hobart.

As a passionate dog parent  Zigrid understands that you want nothing but the best for your dog companion. If you want to save yourself from unnecessary worry, stress and anxiety, engaging your pup in early training will help you feel much more empowered as a dog parent. 

Dog Training That Gets Results

INATD dog-training solutions in Brisbane and Hobart are designed to empower, uplift and build you up as a K9 parent. With the help from a qaulifide positive force free dog trainer and coach you will feel equipped to handle a range of different situations that may arise in the outside world. Whether at your local park, walking around the neighbourhood or in a busy public space, I will give you the knowledge and skills to understand basic dog behaviour and communication. 

Adding a dog to your family  is not an easy task -it requires a lot of patience, love and understanding of this wonderful species we call dog. If you find yourself experiencing behavioural issues with your pup, I can help put you on the right track to success. As a skilled dog trainer, it’s my passion to help you overcome the many challenges that may arise with your beautiful K9 buddy. 
If you’re looking to get a good head start with your puppy training journey, please get in touch to find out more, I am  always here to help.

Looking for a reputable qaulifide force free dog trainer in Brisbane or online Hobart puppy training in the comfort of your own home?
Please contact me to discuss your personal needs.

I look forward to the opportunity in coaching you with your puppy or dog.