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Dog Crate Training

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10:00 AM

Woof Woof!!


Crate training has got to be one of the happy tail wags you can do for most of us K9s. Crate training gives us our own special place to chill out which then, in turn, lets the humans know we just want some time out or need a rest. For some reasons humans seem to have a real aversion to using a crate for their K9 buddy and thinks it is even cruel. Nothing could be further from the truth, woof, where do you think we have to go when we have to stay at the vets or even a kennel, woof, a kennel run is just a bigger version of a crate at the end of the day.


There are 3 types of crates on the market, an airline crate, a soft fabric crate and then, as Zig says, the ugly black wire crates. But high paw don't stress you can get some pawesome covers from Molly Mutts and they have matching bed covers to go with them for the wired crates. The best crates are the wired ones as they can't be chewed, they are very sturdy, and gives us full view of our surroundings which makies us still feel like part of the family.


So why crate train your K9 buddy you ask?

  • Well, if you have a new puppy, confinement is the key to successful house training by removing them from items that aren't for chewing and providing them with a chewable alternative.
  • By having your puppy contained you are able to control where and when your pup goes to the toilet as remember your K9 buddy does not know the house rules unless you teach them.
  • If you have young children in the family well just like the kids have their own bedroom to play and rest, think of the crate as being our very own bedroom.
  • When we are in the crate teach the kids to leave us alone as we are resting and prefer not to be disturbed.
  • When the kids have their friends over and are not interacting with us, then place us in the crate with toys and/or an edible chew that will keep us happy to entertain ourselves.
  • Crates become our special safe place. So if something new is happening that might cause anxiety having a safe place for us to go can ease the stress. Woof! A special treat wont go astray either!
  • Crate training also prepares us for vet visits as being in a new environment can be scary enough let alone in a crate which we might not be used to without training. By training us to be in a crate we adjust to this possible scary experience much faster, which is what you want if we are sick or injured.
  • Crate training can help dogs who are scared of storms cope by knowing they have somewhere safe to go.
  • Crate training can begin at any age! Whilst it is best to start early, if you have an older dog it is never too late to start training them.

You can pick up a wired crate, and some woofing good treats for training from the best pet store in town, Pet City! Zig is happy to assist in any training just send her a bark out email or text!


Happy Training!


Woof Woof,

Ryda Boy,