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Rydas Blog - Darcy

Posted By Ryda Boy  
13:00 PM

Hi mates! Its Ryda boy!

Been quiet around here with some virus thing meaning I haven't been able to free run in a dog park, hang with my mates or even drive to the beach! Crazy! Instead I have been chilling with my best mate Darcy. Darcy hasn't been doing so well lately. Zig called it dementia but luckily he still remembers us! He has been forgetting where he is and not wanting to enjoy the tasty things in life. But luckily he has remembered he likes lip-smacking chicken! So he gets roast chicken everyday! Crickey Zig sure does look after us!


Darcy has had some other things happening to him too and Zig took him to see good old John at Paridise Point Vet. John’s the best he always finds the answers! Tail down, this time wasn’t good news. So poor Darcy has something called cancer and Zig tells me he wont be around much longer. Its very tail down sad but we are just taking it one day at a time and making the most of every minute we have with him.

Lucky for us Zig lives in the moment so Darcy has no bucket list to race through, no life he has missed out on living. Old boy has done it all and lived a woofing great life. He has made a pack of friends, taught life lessons, run free, travelled, eaten every lip-smacking food he could think of, had every need he ever had met and more! And most importantly, he picked me as a life long mate. I sure will miss him!


Zig has been working flat out cause many other dog trainers taking time off for this virus thing. But even on her long days she has made sure someone comes and sits with Darcy so he is looked after. Zig needs to put up her feet and spend time with Darcy, so she will be taking some days off over the next few weeks to look after old mate. I know every k9 parent will understand this, so thank you!


Give a woofing big hug to your k9 buddy tonight, live in the moment and love like there’s no tomorrow.


Woof woof,

Ryda Boy