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Puppy Training Expert for a K9 Parent

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11:00 AM


I really did land on my paws when Darcy chose me to be his buddy. You know since I became part of Zigs family I have never heard a raised voice towards me and never been yelled at.

I have only ever been guided into doing what Zig would like me to learn and all my good behaviour has always been captured then rewarded.

Anything I did that was out of line, and believe me, head down there was plenty, but I was only being a needy dog, I was just redirected to do something that was more appropriate.

You see from my point of view being a dog when people yell at us we see it as a confrontation, woof you nasty human being we don't understand your words, but gosh it is your body language that speaks loud and clear.

And, hey dudes when you stop and think about it is it fair to correct us for something you have not stopped to teach us.


I am so thankful I found my forever home with someone who not only understands me, but is a dog training expert in Brisbane who also teaches others how to understand and communicate with their K9 mate. Learning to communicate with your K9 mate at an early age is important to build a trusting relationship from the start; this is why Zig offers the only 8 week puppy classes in Brisbane, to help set you and your K9 buddy up for success! Yippededoda! Tail down I wasn't lucky enough to go to a puppy school, but with a dog trainer expert for a K9 parent I have learned everything I need to know and more.


Happy training K9 Parents!



Woof Woof,

Ryda Boy,