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Training around the house

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Did you know that us K9s need very clear rules and boundaries in and outside of the home?
Now my tail wagging as some may say that me and my mate Darcy are free range dogs as we sleep with Zig, have snuggles on the sofa and yippy dadooda Zig shares her food with us! Which also means if she does not have dinner then we know we ain't getting any dinner.

But guess what! We are not free range dogs we actually have very strict rules and boundaries and for those that know Zig well, she never changes the goal post, a rule is a rule. Let me give you an pawsitive example: we have our own special blanket on the couch. Now when Zig is not on the couch we can go on the couch but only on our blanket. When Zig is on the couch even if our blanket is on there we can only go on it by invitation only. If there is no blanket on the couch whether Zig is there or not we are good boys as we know we cannot go on the couch with no blanket on there.

Another pawsitive example: when Zig comes home from work, crikey! I do my happy dance jumps. Zig acts like I am not even there but when I stop and chill, it's like woofing magic she opens the door we go in and go straight to our blanket and wait for our chew or cuddles and which one we don't care as our calm patient behaviour will always get rewarded, as Zig always says never take good behaviour for granted.

So wagging tail at the end of the day what K9 parents have to remember is to be consistent and predictable with your behaviour that way know then what is expected of us. Zig always jokes that dogs are a bit like blokes we need simple clear instructions without all the fluff that the Sheila's give, I hear many blokes agree with her.

Now tail up as whether you have a cute puppy or have given your heart to an older rescue dog, either way don't pussy foot around the minute they enter the house, ground rules should be implemented. When doing so, stay calm, stay clear in your communication and if they don't get it the first time remember it's not their fault as they are just starting to learn to live within a human family.

Consistency, consistency, consistency woof, woof ,woof is the key to all training your best forever friend.

Happy Training!


Woof Woof,

Ryda Boy,