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Physical Adversity!

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Woof woof,

Gday everyone. As many of you have seen on Facebook I have had a bit of a ruff time recently. But us k9's overcome adversity and physical change much faster than humans do. It helps that we don't care what we look like or what the "norm'' is. As long as we have a good quality of life we just adapt to the changes and roll along with life and the changes that are to come. This is the same for most physical changes whether it be going blind, deaf or loss or inability to use a limb. As you may know, I am normally very physical and love chasing my ball as far as Zig can throw it, and racing up and down the beach chasing waves. Recently I had an episode of FCE, which, in short, is a spinal cord stroke. It left me temporarily paralyzed in both back legs. Now, through intense rehab it is only my back left leg that is having difficulty. I am having to learn and retrain my body to walk and build back my strength. This partial paralysis may be temporary or permanent, or a long haul of rehab, but nevertheless I am still, for the most part, my happy self. You see as much as I love running I love time with my k9 parent Zig more than anything and although I can't run, I do get to spend lots of time with Zig having cuddles, home environment enrichment and in rehab.


The specialists at the VSS are woofing good at what they do. Not only do they help me in the rehab process but they also care about keeping me calm and feeling safe in what is a new and sometimes scary environment. The rehab road may be a long one but it's life and I am making the most of every day with my family. My daily routines and needs have changed I struggle in the mornings the most as I have been sleeping and still all-night. I start my day slowly having cuddles with Zig and Darcy, before being harnessed up so Zig can assist me in walking and doing my business in the garden. I have to do exercises every morning but they are helping me gain my strength back. I am forever happy to have Zig as a K9 parent as she really has put me before everything else the last couple of weeks. On a positive note FCE can only occur once, I am woofing happy I have had my one time.



I guess I wanted to share that just because life might sometimes throw your k9 buddy a challenge and may seem too hard or like they will lose something in life they love, doesn't mean you should give up on them. We can adapt to more than you probably give us credit for, and will find new things in life to love. This isn't always the case and sometimes it is best and more thoughtful to say goodbyes, but you know your k9 buddy best and what they are capable of overcoming.


Thank you all for your best wishes I am taking it one day at a time and as always living in the moment.



Woof Woof,

Ryda Boy