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Covid 19 Virus Update!


During the current corona virus crisis we are still open and running our Puppy Preschool Programs. These have been modified to adhere to social distancing policies. We are currently offering our Puppy preschool training in very small classes at Pet City. We are asking all participants to be extra mindful of social distancing and extra cleaning and sanitizing of the venue is happening during, before and after training. We are asking anyone experiencing any sickness to stay at home and we will arrange a make up lesson when you are feeling better.



Puppy Preschool Training Programs in Brisbane!


Our puppy preschool training programs are uniquely designed to harness a puppies view of the big wide world and teach us as K9 Parents how to understand puppy behaviour and body language.



Why is puppy training important?


The first three months of your puppy’s life sets the bar for everything, and if you get it right here, you’re on the right path towards a lifetime of happiness and fulfilment.


It’s your puppy’s genetic window of opportunity, and the ripe time to introduce them to other dogs and the everyday experiences of life. If you do this within the first three months, you will eliminate unnecessary stress in the future.



Why Choose us?


We pride ourselves on our incredibly small classes with either 3 puppies to one instructor or 4 puppies and 2 instructors as it makes it a far better learning environment for the puppies and allows for individual attention and an all-important personal touch for each family.

We welcome all children with open arms, encouraging them to join in for family-orientated fun training.


We use science evidence based training methods that reward positive behaviour. 


It is our ultimate goal to make sure that you and your puppy get such thorough training – you’ll never need any again.

We only use 2 trainers who you can read about here.


We always strive to go the extra mile, aim higher and shoot further on our ongoing journey to fulfil and exceed your expectations – each and every time.


It’s our main priority to make the early learning process as fun, easy and stress-free as possible, allowing your dog to grow up happy, calm and content.


We offer additional supplementary services such as Bach and Bush Flower Remedies, as well as Tellington T-Touch.




Our Puppy Training ProgramsPuppy preschool parents


Complete Puppy Preschool Training

The complete puppy preschool training program is an 8 week lifestyle program and includes complimentary puppy social sessions, training manual, 12 months complementary phone assistance upon completion of the course and everything you need to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success! Read more here...


Basic Needs Puppy Preschool Training

This Basic needs puppy preschool training is 4 weeks covering the basic needs of your puppy around the house. This program includes complimentary puppy social sessions, basic training manual. This course will set you up with the very basics and if you are wanting more information upon completion of the course we recommend the Junior Puppy Preschool Training as a follow on class. Read more here...


Junior Puppy Preschool Training

This 4 week Junior puppy preschool training is for puppies who have completed a 4 week puppy program either with us or another company. This course includes a training manual. Read more here...


Private Puppy Training

The private puppy training is the fast track for training your puppy and is complete 8 week course condensed into 4 weeks and done in the comfort of your own home and surrounding local areas. It includes complimentary puppy social sessions, training manual, 12 months complementary phone assistance upon completion of the course and everything you need to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success! Read more here...



All of our puppy programs are held at Pet City Wishart. You can visit their website for further information!


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Remember you and your K9 buddy are our motivation and reason for being!