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Junior Puppy Preschool Training

Junior puppies relaxing at the park

Everyone has to start somewhere which is why we have designed this training to capture the needs of junior puppies who have had prior training either through our 4 week basic needs puppy preschool or training from any other puppy school.


The Junior Training Program is for junior or young puppies between 16 weeks and 8 months and uses science evidence based training methods that reward positive behaviour and will give you all the knowledge you need to successfully implement everything your pup needs to flourish. We’ll also go on to show you the ins and outs of teaching your puppy etiquette and basic requests for daily life.


In the Junior Training Program you will learn about the following:

  • Positive Reinforcement training for a successful and happy puppy
  • Three exciting stages of training
  • positive training methods
  • How to discourage biting and mouthing
  • Proper handling for everything from grooming, to vets checks...and cozy cuddles!
  • Dealing with and changing unwanted behaviors, such as barking, digging or jumping up
  • Creating positive environments
  • The four most basic needs of your puppy
  • How to tackle various problems head-on
  • Training puppy to respond quickly and easily to requests – at home and on the move, and with varying levels of distraction
  • Puppy body language
  • Test out different types of walking equipment on your puppy, and purchase the right one


In the Junior Training Program your Puppy will learn:

  • young dog training program puppy sittingHow to respond to their own name
  • To settle
  • To give items when asked
  • Leave something alone
  • Stay
  • Come when called, on and off their lead
  • Walk nicely on their lead
  • Greet fellow dogs and people politely
  • No marker signal
  • How to stop barking when asked to!


Training Details

We hold our first Junior puppy preschool classes indoors in Brisbane's Southside suburb Wishart, and we will move outside for the remainder of the training.


Training Includes:

  • Training manual

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