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Dog Behaviour Specialist, Brisbane Southside

Do you feel you have a more serious behavioural challenge with your dog? Well our dog behaviour specialist, Ziggy will come to you in the privacy of your home and coach you to give you the skills on how to deal with and modify your dogs unwanted behaviors. This could include anything from barking, separation anxiety, over attachment issues, aggression or escaping.


Our dog behaviour training consultations

Full consultations with Ziggy, a dog behaviour training specialist in Brisbane's Southside, are around two hours or longer if needed. Ziggy likes to take the time to really get to know you and your K9 buddy and give you a thorough understanding of your dog’s behaviour and show you exactly how to implement the changes that are needed.


During the consultation Ziggy will show you how to at all times allow your dog to take part in the learning process. By implementing just 2 of our strategies you should see at least a 50% improvement in your K9 buddy’s behaviour within 48hrs.


Behaviour training consultations include a written report and training modification program designed specifically for your dog's behaviour needs. Ziggy also provides a follow up phone call 10 days later plus on-going phone help. If you do not notice a 50% 80% improvement in 10 days, Ziggy will make a complimentary visit!


We provide mini behaviour training consultations too!


Mini behaviour consultations also run for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and we provide you with lots of relevant handouts. However, a mini consultation does not include a full written report or complimentary re-visit.


We will provide you with a follow-up phone call to see how you are progressing and we will of course be available to help out further should you require it.


Our dog behaviour specialist, Ziggy, will provide you with a full behaviour assessment and the necessary training to ensure that your dog will always be your forever K9 buddy.




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