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It's Not About The Dog!

Top Dog Training in Brisbane

Welcome to It’s Not About The Dog! We offer unique dog training puppy classes and private tuition in Brisbane. We aim to train not only your K9 buddy but also you as the owner in understanding dogs—from the way they communicate, through to the reasons why they might do some of the cheeky things they do.


So do you have an over the top excitable and maniacal Jack Russell? Or a Labrador that can’t leave you alone whilst you’re eating dinner? Or a K9 buddy that seems to launch at nearby dogs? We’re here to help.


Hassle-free solutions to overcome behaviour concerns


If these worries are constantly plaguing the enjoyment you SHOULD be having with your K9 buddy, we’re here to help you to expand your knowledge on these concerns.


Our dog training programs are unique in the Eastside and specially designed to empower you as a K9 parent with the knowledge and the skills in fully understanding dog behaviour and communication, while coaching you to overcome any challenges that arise with your K9 buddy.


Fun and easy training to give you a peace of mind


We make training easy so that most of the time, you don’t feel like you are training your dog at all. The classes are engaging and designed to bring you and your K9 buddy closer together so that you can enjoy a loving and warm relationship with your dog – minus all the dramas.


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The team at It’s Not About The Dog would love to hear from you. Call us today on 0409321793 to find out more about our puppy classes and services.